Creative Hashtags

Expand Your Reach With #Hashtags

Use hashtags to expand your reach. These can be campaign specific or very general, what is important is that they are relevant. When making a post it’s always important to remember who you’re trying to target and who you want making a purchase or would be interested in your business. Using hashtags is simply adding another way to dial in this target market and another avenue for potentially interested customers.  When getting started, make sure to set up your main company hashtag (#yourbrandname), and use it sparingly across Instagram when creating a new post. This makes it easier for people to find content related to you as well as your main account. It’s best practice to use between three to five hashtags per post. Use your own, campaign specific hashtags as well as the more popular hashtags to increase the discoverability of your content. For example, try adding hashtags like #instagood (connected to 300 million posts), or #tbt (Throwback Thursday), and don’t forget about industry specific ones. If you are in IT, the hashtag #IT or #tech will do just fine. Also, consider how you add hashtags, these can be added at the end of the post, in a comment or worked into the actual post. If you’re still unsure about what #hashtag you should do with your post; then an easy way to find out would be to use the search box on Instagram and then search #hashtags relevant to your post. Find a #hashtag that has a good number of searches and use that for your post. That’s it!

Keep your #hashtags specific, sparingly and simple. Your Instagram post is now that much more impactful and meaningful to your connected network!

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